Tourism Contracting Manager


    • Looking for a Contracting Manager to implement continuous improvement processes to improve the quality of service related to ad-hoc contracting. To achieve best rates / conditions and improve and maintain the company’s level of quality services provided to our agents and passengers as well as to sell profitably.
      An experienced candidate from within the Namibian industry with extensive product knowledge and established working relationships within Namibia.
      Key responsibilities:
      Conduct robust and regular analysis of existing contracting processes and proactively implement continuous improvement plans
      Find new suppliers/products that offer a good service and better conditions
      Negotiate with supplier’s best possible rates and conditions
      Negotiate with suppliers in case of cancellations or when in need of better rates for specific cases
      Ensure the maximum profitability possible on your supplier’s portfolio
      Establish, maintain and optimize a good relationship with suppliers, and correspond with them regularly
      Participate in domestic travel shows
      Negotiate overrides & brochure contributions


  • Years of experience: 5
  • Language(s): English

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