Technical Verification Officer wanted at Standard Chartered Bank

Job description

Job Purpose:

  • To be accountable for prompt and efficient handling of unpaid cheques.
  • To be able to process cheques cleared through Sybrin and bilateral (manual clearing).


Key Responsibilities:

  • To validate all cheques and internally raised vouchers.
  • To ensure all inward cheques images are validated in Sybrin.
  • To ensure unpaids are returned through Sybrin to Zechl.
  • To ensure technical verification is performed on cheque images and that amounts match in both words and figures.
  • To ensure unpaids are processed in ebbs through ICRS and sent to Zechl through Sybrin system.
  • To ensure timely acting to perform call backs on cheques above threshold limits.
  • To ensure there are no missing cheques by checking and comparing totals against items received from clearing department.


  • To ensure cheques validated agree in both the amounts in words and in figures.
  • To ensure YUFIG messages are sent promptly for cheques unpaid with technical reasons.
  • To ensure YUGIGs from other banks are acted on promptly and accounts debited.
  • To ensure timely acting on YUFIG messages received from other banks.
  • To reconcile suspense accounts and ensure no items above life span.
  • To ensure no cheque inwards cause excesses on customer accounts.
  • To ensure all inwards received for the day are validated and work balanced before end of day.
  • To investigate and attend to queries pertaining to customer accounts.
  • To prepare entries to be posted in EBBS.
  • To ensure work and in coming cheques conform to money laundering regulations.


Knowledge & experience required:

  • 5 ‘O’ Levels.
  • Degree in banking and financial or equivalent from recognised university.
  • 2 years banking experience.
  • Knowledge of clearing rules and operation of Sybrin system.
  • Computer literate.
  • Customer focussed.
  • Ability to interpret instructions.
  • Good communication skills.


  • Ability to plan, monitor and control effectively.
  • High organisational skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills to build relationships with staff.