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Miracle Corners – Zambia (MCZ): Board Member Role Description

Miracle Corners – Zambia is a community-focused non-governmental organization offering skills development, literacy and youth engagement programs in Chanyanya, Zambia. MC-Zambia is the local affiliate of MCW (Miracle Corners of the World) a U.S. based non-profit organization founded in 1999 with the vision that communities throughout the world achieve greater levels of education, improved health and increased economic security.

We are seeking dynamic Board Members with a wide range of skills in order to effectively support a small organization in a critical transition period.

Board Members meet a minimum of four (4) times in the year, and provide critical oversight over the organization, ultimately reporting back to the Global Affiliate based in New York. Board Members serve terms of three (3) years with a maximum of two (2) terms.


In accordance with the principles of good corporate governance, each director warrants and undertakes:

  • To act first, foremost and always in the best interests of the Organization and not for any other collateral purpose;
  • To exercise his/her power in the execution of their duties in utmost good faith; and
  • To act with the due care that a prudent person would take when acting on his or her own behalf.
  • Each director warrants and undertakes that, in arriving at a decision on any issue, he or she shall strive to ensure that the decision made is in the best interests of the Organization and is not driven by anv personal or other interests.


The business of the Organization is managed under the direction of the Board of Directors. The key responsibilities of the Board include:

  • Setting the overall direction, financial objectives and operational goals of the Organization;
  • Reviewing and approving the Organization’s budget and plans on an annual basis;
  • Reviewing and approving the Organization’s strategies as formulated by the managem ent with guidance from the Board and to ensure that the management implem ents the objectives and the goals set by the Board;
  • Monitoring the performance of the Organization against the financial objectives and operational goals set by the Board and reviewing the implementation of the Board’s approved strategies;
  • Approving the Organization’s capital expenditure and transactions outside the authority delegated to the Country Manager and to the management of the Organization;
  • Approving the capital structure and the financial and banking facility requirements of the Organization;
  • Appointing the Bankers, Signatories of bank account and Auditors of the Organization;
  • Approving and periodically reviewing the delegations of authority for the management, in relation to the dav to day operations of the Organization;
  • Reviewing the risk management systems and policies, internal controls, reporting systems and compliance processes and monitoring that such systems, policies, controls and processes are operating effectively;
  • Approving the risk management policies including policies relating to environmental obligations, occupational health and safety, interest rate management, liquidity risk management, foreign exchange risk management, treasury controls and credit risk management;
  • Establishing adequate and suitable independent external audit arrangements;
  • Approving the terms of employment of the Country Manager , and senior staff reporting directly to the Country Manager;
  • Reviewing the recruitment, retention, termination, remuneration, perform ance assessm ent and succession policies and processes for staff;
  • Implement the appointment, induction, remuneration and performance assessment, policies and processes for the senior staff of the Organization; including of the Country Director
  • Approving and adopting and periodically reviewing the Organization’s operational guidelines and the terms of reference of all Board committees;
  • Recommending appointments of independent directors to the Board of the organization.


  • Individuals with expertise in Financial Management of Non-Governmental Organizations, Strategic Planning, Community Development and Corporate Governance are strongly desired.

This position is based in Zambia.

To apply, please email the following by January 15th 2019 to [email protected];

  • Letter of interest;
  • CV/Resume; and
  • References.


The role of Director is undertaken on a voluntary basis. Members will receive no fees and are expected to contribute their time and expertise as needed to ensure the success of the organization.


  • This job has expired!

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